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     Set Up Guide

Congratulations on placing a Gatlinburg Penny Press machine in your location.

This guide will provide you will all the necessary steps you need to take to start generating revenue for your organization. 

  1. Unwrap machine.
  2. Remove envelope with keys taped to back door
    1. 2 Keys in envelope Ė 1 for the back door/top and one for the cash box
  3. Open back door
  4. Remove power cord
  5. Plug in the machine
    1. Note machine will not turn on when back door is off unless on/off button is pulled out (will go over that later)
  6. If light bulb is not already installed, a new light bulb can be found in the cash box, at the bottom of the machine.
  7. Screw light bulb into socket at the top of the machine.
  8. Inside machine, at the bottom right, you will see a counter, take note of the starting number on the counter. This is vital to your reporting and control of the cash flow of the machine. I took note of the starting number before the machine was shipped. Please verify that number with me.
  9. Using same key used to open back door, open top door
  10. Fill with only a handful of tokens
    1. Tokens shipped as well
  11. Inside cash box is a white plastic bucket, make sure it is standing upright
  12. Replace back door
    1. When this is done properly and the machine is plugged in, the machine will turn on automatically.
  13. Your machine should now be ready to be used
  15. Place a $1 coin into the coin mechanism, as per instructions on front of machine.
  16. If machine is working properly, a token will drop and roll across the viewing window, fall into the press and get crushed imprinting your image on the token.
    1. If this happens, congratulations youíre ready to make money
    2. If not, please refer to trouble shooting website for description and/or


                                                             i.      Note that while I am happy to fix any problems that arise it is often much faster and economical for everyone if a local staff member takes a look at the machine. Many many of the problems are simple to fix. Should I be required to come out to your location to take a look at the machine and fix it, it is extremely beneficial if you take a look at the website prior to my visit and we try and diagnose the problem ahead of time so that I can bring the correct pieces and tools. I would hate to fly all that way and not have the correct machine piece since I donít travel with the entire machine in my case.

    1. Call me at (905) 824-5842 Office or (416) 276-2873 Cell (note that my cell phone doesnít work well when Iím in the office, the walls or something, so please call the office number first).



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