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Sandy Candy

Sandy Candy is entertaining as well as delicious. IT IS EASY TO USE AND IS LOTS OF FUN!

There are now 32 different colours and flavours of Sandy Candy!

The sour flavours are: wild cherry, cherry cola, watermelon, peach, tangerine, banana, lemonade, lemon lime, green apple, key lime, fruit punch, cotton candy, wild berry, white apple, bubblegum, pear, black cherry, blue raspberry, orange pineapple.

The sweet flavours are: sweet cherry, orange cream, vanilla cola, root beer, sweet lemonade, grape, cola blue, chocolate, vanilla, cherry cream, cappuccino, sweet fruit punch, root beer float.

We also have 5 flavours with vitamin C: cherry, tangerine, lemonade, green apple, and blue raspberry.

Sandy Candy is layered into containers of all sizes.

Straw sizes are available in 12", & 18" inches.

Caps and plenty of Sandy Candy in squeeze bottles are always provided. 




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