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Fudge Fundraising Programs

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Interested in implementing the Calico Cottage Fudge Program in your store? Click Here. 

Fundraising Program 

We at Gatlinburg Distributors understand that fundraising is a necessary but sometimes unwelcome task. We have developed a program that will work for you without a lot of hassle.


How our Program Works:

1. Members of your organization take orders and payments from family, friends & business associates.

2  Include name, customer shipping address and the order on our individual order forms.

3. Collect Payments on all orders.

4. Your profits are determined and will remain in your treasury.

5. Mail all orders and your payment for the product to Gatlinburg Distributors.

6. Your organization's orders will be processed and shipped directly to the name and address on each order.

 It's So Easy!

No Candy storage or hauling boxes!

No lost stolen or damaged product!

No sorting of a huge shipment!

No delivery on your part!

No unpaid orders to track down!

Other fundraising opportunities are available. Just give us a call!!


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